High Quality Woodworking Adhesive

Doellken exclusively represents the DORUS-TECHNOMELT line of high-quality, superior performance Edgebanding hot melt Adhesive. DORUS-TECHNOMELT products provide total solutions, including innovative technology consistently enhanced to meet the most up to date woodworking requirements. From Edgebanding to profile wrapping and dowel insertion, DORUS-TECHNOMELT provides cost efficient and reliable Adhesive solutions for all your woodworking applications.

For our 2018 Adhesive Program we have added 1 new PUR hotmelt glue and 1 new EVA hotmelt glue to our stock program.

Newly Added

  • PUR 270/7
  • KS 300
  • Granular Cleaner 2


Edgebanding Finder

Looking for the perfect Edgebanding?

Make sure you use the Edgeband Finder. You can specify size, type, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level to find that perfectly matched Edgebanding!