• 3D Edgebanding

    Unique Depth Effect and Contrast

    Pro-K Winning 3D Wave Edgebanding in a Kitchen

Product Detail

3D Edgebanding is comprised of crystal clear acrylic with a finish on the back.

The unique advantage:

The finish will remain fully intact after milling the radius, creating a uniform appearance with no frame effects. Unattractive frame effects are a thing of the past. The unique finish is resistant to scratches and markings.

3D Edgebanding Features

Doellken 3D Edgebanding is made of ultra transparent acrylic. The special, three-dimensional effect of the Edgebanding is created by the surface print on the reverse side.

The matte silk Edgebanding surface may be polished to virtually any desired gloss. However, polishing is unnecessary with premium type 3D Edgebanding, since they have a finishing varnish already.

Since the surface print is on the reverse side, it cannot be rubbed off or damaged, no matter how high the stress. Physical damage to the acrylic surface, such as scratches or indentations, is easily remedied by buffing.

Doellken 3D Edgebanding is impact resistant, hygienic and withstands normal humidity of ambient air.

3D Edgebanding Applications

Doellken 3D Edgebanding may be used virtually anywhere: e.g. as facings on kitchen and living room furniture, in bathrooms, on kitchen worktops and office desks and for shop fittings and interiors.

2-in-1 Edgebanding

Doellken 2-in-1 Edgebanding combines brushed aluminum with a strip of color matched to your laminate.  The  2-in-1 Edgebanding is a High Gloss back painted 3D Edgebanding.

Offered in the highest gloss level, 2-in-1 Edgebanding looks like glass without the associated high cost, weight and fragility.

Tying together sophisticated high gloss and urban looking metallic designs found in todays modern high-end kitchens and baths.

2-in-1 Edgebanding is ideal for making a big impression and giving your furnishings and rooms a unique finish.

Taking this concept a step further, Doellken also offers a subset of 3-in-1 Edgebanding.  A different color in strip is inlayed in the Edgebanding matched to your laminate. The 3-in-1 Edgebanding are ideal for adding extra flare to fronts, edges and doors.

Edgebanding Finder

Looking for the perfect Edgebanding?

Make sure you use the Edgebanding Finder. You can specify size, type, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level to find that perfectly matched Edgebanding!


  • 3D Edgebanding offers new design structures

  • Exceptional depth and contrast

  • Trendy colours available from stock

  • Perfect blend of Edgebanding and furniture design

    unique scratch resistant finish

  • Polishable to virtually any desired gloss level

3D Wave

Award Winning Innovation

The new 3D Wave range of Edgebanding provide a remarkable impression of depth. Co-extrusion provides the effect of deeply embedded grain and provides a high gloss surface finish. 3D Wave Edgebanding reinforces the appearance of more space while providing a easy-to-clean surface. Application of the Edgebanding is effortless thanks to an innovative milling process.

The innovative PMMA bands can be supplied from stock in four fashionable colours (stainless steel, titanium, old bronze and aluminium) in  23 x 1.3 mm (ideal for fronts) and 43 x 1.5 mm (ideal for worktops).

3D Edgebanding

The Doellken 3D Edgebanding collection extends beyond the  the 2-in-1 and 3D Wave Edgebanding offering.

3D Edgebanding is also available in our popular metallic and wood grain designs. 

Doellken uses only top grade polymers. All materials used are extensively tested prior to initial production using special test procedures that are based on the strict specifications and quality standards of the furniture industry. For this reason, Doellken customers will always obtain their products from the very best materials available on the market.

Acrylic (PMMA = PolyMethyl MethAcrylate)

Acrylic (PMMA = Polymethylmethacrylate) is an established high grade thermoplastic, setting new technical and aesthetic furniture edging standards in in the form of the Doellken 3D Edgebands. The transparency of Acrylic furthermore exceeds that of glass.