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Product Details

Doellken is constantly updating its product lines and product offering.  However you should not forget the following 2 product lines that have been around for a decade.  Given Doellken’s wide selection of products,  you will surely find the right solution for your design and furniture. 


DoellkenFlex meets the need for pliable Edgebanding that can be easily applied around tight radii. 

DoellkenFlex is available from stock in the following 3 colors and also on a made-to-order basis:

2416  – Black (3 mm x 15/16 and 3 mm 1-15/16) 

Doellken 2416 - Black

2001 – White  (3 mm x 15/16) 

Doellken 2001 white

3922 – White  (3 mm x 1-5/16) 

Contact your Sales Rep to place an order of DoellkenFlex in a custom color or design. 

The DoellkenFlex Advantages:

  • Minimum outside radius of 25mm (1″)
  • Minimum inside radius of 50mm (2″)
  • The concave profile shape ensures a tight lamination and minimizes the glue line without the need for additional pressure or excess hotmelt.

Doellken Impressions

Doellken Impressions Edgebanding provides a distinctive look that will add dimension and character to any office desk, conference table closet system and store fixture.

Doellken Impressions is made form DoellkenFlex, a formulation that offers a high pliability to easily go around both tight inside and outside radii.  The product can be applied with any automatic edgebander set up for Thick PVC Edgebanding.

Doellken Impressions is available on a made to order basis in Black 2416 and White 2001.  Custom Profiles are available upon request, contact a Sales Representative to find out more. 

Doellken Impressions

Doellken Impressions Advantages:

  • Provides high pliability around outside and inside radii
  • Can be applied with automatic edgebander
  • The concave profile shape ensures a tight lamination and minimizes visible  glue line

Doellken Woodcore

Doellken’s patented Woodcore technology creates a natural looking woodgrain effect. 

The grain color is extruded throughout the thickness of the Edgebanding, creating a seamless transition from Edgebanding to laminate surface.

Doellken Woodcore

Doellken Woodcore Advantage:

  • Woodgrain effect remains intact after trimming removing any ‘picture frame’ effect 

Edgebanding Finder

Looking for the perfect Edgebanding?

Make sure you use the Edgebanding Finder. You can specify size, type, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level to find that perfectly matched Edgebanding!


  • DoellkenFlex and Impression profile ensures tight lamination

  • DoellkenFlex and Impression profile minimizes the glue line