• Wilsonart 2019 Lujo Stock Collection

    6 newly matched designs for Wilsonart 2019 Lujo Collection are now stocked by Doellken.

    Modern domestic kitchen

Wilsonart 2019 Lujo Collection

New Patterns. New Ideas.

Excited to have partnered with Wilsonart to be providing the six newly matched  Edgebanding for the six new designs in the 2019 Wilsonart Lujo collection.

These 6 new designs are stocked in 4 sizes.  They are available in  0.02 mm x 15/16″,  0.02 mm x 1-5/16″, 3 mm x 15/16″,  and 3mm x 1-5/16″

8225K Randolph Forest 30908ERM
8226K Dering Forest 30909ERM
8227K White River Forest 30910ERM
8228K Avondale Ash 30913ERM
8229K Friston Ash 30912ERM
8231K Valley Forge Elm 30911ERM

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