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    Digitally printed Edgebanding allows for virtually endless design options. Explore the Office Furniture Design Solutions page for inspiration on how to use DigitalEdge in your work space.

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Unlimited Creativity. Unlimited Possibilities.

Branded workspaces are important. Branding the work environment can play a significant role in helping companies to consistently deliver the brand experience to their clients. It is a powerful strategy to immerse your employees and clients in the organization’s messaging and philosophy.

DigitalEdge is an innovation in Edgebanding technology. Thermoplastic Edgebanding can be customized with logos, photos, graphics, patterns, and typography. Designers have unlimited creative options to print virtually any design. Work with our dedicated team to make your designer dreams come to life.

Award Winning

pro-K award logoDoellken DigitalEdge was awarded the pro-K 2015 award for its outstanding features  in terms of innovation, design and functionality.

The Doellken Premium high gloss worktop Edgebanding is the ideal solution to demanding surface finishes, as demonstrated in the Formica 180 fx series. The worktop Edgebanding appraised by the jury was designed to match the Formica Black Fossilstone finish and impressed with its true to scale printed image and perfect premium high gloss finish.

Doellken DigitalEdge is suitable for all fields of application. Quick availability of digitally printed Edgebanding in all sizes and finishes has enabled Doellken to revolutionize the market not only for worktop Edgebanding. A perfect finish to match any sample is sure to inspire you.

Corporate Branding

Digitally printed thermoplastic Edgebanding now inviting creative furniture designers and interior decorators to decisively distinguish themselves from the competition by incorporating striking design details in their shop fittings. Digitally printed Edgebanding also offer important additional advertising space. Shop and commercial furniture bearing brand logos will be ideal for offices and trade fairs. They will allow personalisation, individuality and identification. Conveying corporate design, advertising messages and emotions. This additional benefit will offer your customers and you, as the furniture manufacturer, interesting new options:

  • Why not use Edgebanding as a communication platform for advertising and corporate identity / corporate design
  • There will be no limits to your creativity. We will print any motif of your choice (photo or graphic design) on your Edgebanding

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