• Tafisa FERIA™ Stock Collection

    6 newly matched designs for Tafisa FERIA™ Collection are now stocked by Doellken.

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Tafisa FERIA™ Collection

New Patterns. New Ideas.

Six newly matched  Edgebanding for the  2018 Tafisa FERIA™ collection.

These 6 new designs are stocked in 0.02 mm x 15/16″ and 1 mm x 15/16″.

M2051 First Dance 30756EFM
M2052 Golden Light 30757EFM
M2053 Brass Band 30758EFM
M2054 Sunday Stroll 30759EFM
M2055 Ganache 30760EFM
M2056 Night Owl 30761EFM

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