Effectively Sealing the Edge with the AQUA-STOP-PEN

Water Sealed Furniture. Resistant to Steam. Dirt-Repellent.

The negative effects of moisture on wood-based panels, water damage on kitchen cabinets, and joints in non water sealed furniture and components is well known. Moisture can find its way through hairline cracks or open pores in a board surface/edge, or where the edging glue-joint does not completely protect the underlying substrate from exposure.  Water sea

Damage due to the presence of moisture, through either direct contact or by capillary action, can now be avoided with the use of the unique water-resistant Aqua Stop Pen.

The Aqua Stop Pen seals the joint between Edgebanding and board, ensuring longevity of the panel and furniture. The specially designed felt tip allows for quick and simple application by hand.

The simple application technique allows for the product to be applied easily in critical areas such as kitchen cabinets, surfaces, bathroom cupboards and doors.

Drying time is approximately one minute. The Aqua Stop Pen can be used on finished furniture, components, and existing built-in furniture.

How to Use

It’s this simple:

  1. Apply a thin layer of sealer over the clean joint
  2. Allow to dry for one minute
  3. The result: Water sealed furniture

Aqua Stop Pen Instructions


Wooden boards in furniture or furniture elements have a tendency to swell under moist conditions. Damage is inevitable. The slightest damage may occur when board materials are edged, invisible to the naked eye. Very fine hair cracks in the top layers, such as chipping in the adhesive joint or non-optimal settings during mechanical reworking will allow moisture to penetrate the edge. The Doellken AQUA-STOP-PEN will seal the joint to ensure furniture durability.

Application is very simple. The AQUA-STOP-PEN has a special plastic sheath to protect from drying out and a special felt tip for simple moistening of the treated joint with the fluid. The joint will be permanently sealed after one minute.

The AQUA-STOP-PEN is easy to use on finished furniture elements, furniture or built-in furniture. The pen may be used in all critical areas in kitchen/bathroom or other furniture. The pen is capable of sealing hundreds of meters of edge.



  • Excellent water-repellent properties
  • Oil and dirt-repellent properties
  • Ideal for wood and plastic-based panels
  • Suitable for metal, concrete, and stone surfaces
  • Fast drying and easy application

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