Peel N Stick Edgebanding

Easy and quick to use.

Doellken Peel N Stick Edgebanding has a pre-applied PSA adhesive.

This is ideal for onsite repairs and suitable for all projects.

The following eight Doellken designs are available from Stock in 50’ and 250’ rolls in the 15/16 x .018” size.

  • 2001  White
  • 2002 White
  • 2114 Almond White
  • 2115 Antique White
  • 2416 Black
  • 2425 Fog Grey
  • 2454 Folkstone
  • 4125 Hardrock Maple

Edgebanding Finder

Looking for the perfect Edgebanding?

Make sure you use the Edgebanding Finder. You can specify size, type, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level to find that perfectly matched Edgebanding!


  • Easy to Use
  • Available from Stock
  • 4 Simple Steps to Apply
  • Perfect for Quick Fixes

Apply in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Peel off the protective tape.

Step 2: Stick the Peel N Stick Edgebanding along the desired edge.

Step 3: Using a Pressure Roller, apply Pressure along the Edgebanding.

Step 4: Using a Flush Trimmer and Quad Trimmer, Trim the excess Edgebanding.