• Tafisa VIVA™ Stock Collection

    The Doellken Stock includes 12 NEW, perfectly matched colors for Tafisa VIVA™ Collection.

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Tafisa VIVA™ Collection

New Colors. New Possibilities.

Twelve new perfectly matched Edgebanding to the 2017 Tafisa VIVA™ collection are now available.

These 12 new designs are stocked 0.018 mm x 15/16″ and 1 mm x 15/16″.  The 1 mm Edgebanding is stocked in FusionEdge as well.

M2001Y Tete-a-Tete 30228UM
M2002Y Sunset Cruise 30222UM
M2003Y Weekend Getaway 30223E5M
M2004Y Winter Fun 30224E5M
M2005Y Sunday Brunch 30225UM
M2006Y Tea for Two 30226UM
M2007Y Casting at First Light 30227UM
  M2010Y After-hours 30230UM
M2011Y Stargazer 30231E5M
  M2013Y Summertime Blues 30527UM
LM2014Y Sugar on Ice 30528UM
  M2015Y Apres-ski 30235UM

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Side by side comparison of the Tafisa VIVA™ collection with the Doellken Edgebanding Match.  Nothing compares to seeing the Edgebanding in person, so make sure to request your Doellken samples of the new Tafisa VIVA™ matches!

M2001Y Tete-a-TeteTafisa M2001Y Tete-a-Tete 30228UM
M2002Y Sunset CruiseTafisa M2002Y Sunset Cruise 30222UMDoellken Edgebanding 30222UM
M2003Y Weekend GetawayTafisa VIVA M2003Y Weekend Getaway 30223E5MDoellken Edgebanding 30223E5M
M2004Y Winter FunTafisa VIVA M2004Y Winter Fun 30224E5M
M2005Y Sunday BrunchTafisa VIVA M2005Y Sunday Brunch 30225UM
M2006Y Tea for TwoTafisa VIVA M2006Y Tea for Two 30226UMDoellken Edgebanding 30226UM
M2007Y Casting at First LightTafisa VIVA M2007Y Casting at First Light 30227UMDoellken Edgebanding 30227UM
  M2010Y After-hoursTafisa VIVA M2010Y After-hours 30230UMDoellken Edgebanding 30230UM
M2011Y StargazerTafisa VIVA M2011Y Stargazer 30231E5MDoellken Edgebanding 30231E5M
  M2013Y Summertime BluesTafisa VIVA M2013Y Summertime Blues 30527UMDoellken Edgebanding 30527UM
LM2014Y Sugar on IceTafisa VIVA M2014Y Sugar on Ice 30528UMDoellken Edgebanding 30528UM
  M2015Y Apres-skiTafisa VIVA M2015Y Apres-ski 30235UMDoellken Edgebanding 30235UM
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