• Office Furniture Solutions

    Customize your office furniture with Doellken edgebands. The unlimited design options give you the advantage of completely unique and custom design options.

    Office Furniture Design

Specifying edgebanding for office furniture has never been easier with the Edgeband Finder from Doellken. Find the perfectly matched edgeband for your office interior design.

Looking to customize the furniture? The Doellken DIGITAL EDGE allows you to digitally print any image on the edgeband for truly unique interior and office furniture.

Submit a Sample Request, or go to the Edgeband Finder to check availability of thousands of edgebands matched to the top Board Manfuacturers.

Image Courtesy of Wilsonart Visualizer

Edgebanding that is specified and matched correctly, as well as applied seamlessly, can elevate your kitchen design. We work closely with laminate (TFL, HPL) manufacturers to properly match edgebanding and surfaces. The result? An absolutely flawless kitchen.

From PVC Edgebanding, ABS, digitally printed or with a pre-glued edgeband for a seamless application, Doellken’s mission is to provide our customers with the kitchen of their dreams. Whether for residential or industrial kitchens, the right edgeband makes all the difference.