Our Heritage

Doellken’s Heritage is Our Identity. We pride ourselves on our 131 year history and humble beginnings. Doellken quality has been the most consistent on the market since 1887, and it continues to this day. As we innovate and expand our product range, we strive to keep Quality at the forefront. You can always expect the best from Doellken!

Previously known as Doellken-Woodtape, Doellken North America has been delivering quality and service since Day 1. We work closely with our customers and distributors to ensure our Edgebanding products and solutions remain the best on the market.

Browse through the image gallery below to see our history through 130 Years.

Doellken History

Doellken in the 21st Century

From Doellken-Woodtape to Doellken

Doellken’s commitment to Edgebanding quality, customer service, and innovation makes us the North American industry-leader in Edgebanding. Our products come into contact with customers every day, and we strive to continue to work closely with customers, laminate manufacturers, and our distributors to ensure consistent high quality products. Find out more about Doellken products by visiting the Products Page, or visit the Distributor Locator to find a Doellken Distributor near you.

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