• Tafisa 2019 Collection

    The Doellken Stock includes 7 newly matched colors for Tafisa 2019 Collection.

    Work space or walk in closet and green wall

Tafisa 2019 Collection

New Designs. New Potential.

Seven new Edgebanding matches to the 2019 Tafisa 2019 collection.

These 7 new designs are stocked in 0.02 mm x 15/16″ and 1 mm x 15/16″.

L544A Niagara 30948U
L546A Mojave 30949U
L552A Appalachia 30950U
L562R Sable Island 30951U
L563R Mégantic 30952U
L564R Tofino 30953U
L568R Mariposa 30954U

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