• Arauco Prism 2020-2021 Collection

    13 new Doellken Edgebanding matches for the new Arauco Prism 2020-2021 designs

New Arauco Prism 2020-2021 Collection

Latest Solid and Woodgrain Designs. Endless Design Potential.

Thirteen new Doellken Edgebanding matches have been created for the new designs in the new Arauco Prism 2020-2021 collection. 

These new designs are stocked in 0.018″ / 0.020″  x 15/16″.  Edgebanding for these designs is available in FusionEdge and additional sizes as Made to Order parts.

Arauco PRISM Doellken
SF250 Duke 20610M
SF251 Celadon 20611M
SF252 Quarry 20612M
SF253 Adobe 20613M
W919 Cotton White 20614T
W920 Vogue White 20615T
WF456 Enigma 31126UM
WF457 Castanho 30231E5M
WF458 Presten Ash 3711M
WF459 Abiqua Pine 31127UM
WF460 Benham Pine 31129UM
WF461 Koosah Pine 31128UM
WF462 Wallowa Pine 30842UM

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