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    15 new Doellken Edgebanding matches for the Arauco Prism 2018 new designs

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Arauco Prism 2018 New Designs

New Designs. New Innovation.

Fifteen new Edgebanding matches for the Arauco Prism 2018 New Designs.

These new designs are stocked in one of the following 0.02 mm x 15/16″  or 0.018 mm x 15/16″, and 1 mm x 15/16″.

Arauco Prism
SF247 Mysterious 20367M
WF439 Outlandia 30769M
WF440 Ginger 30763E5M
WF141 Burlap 30762E5M
WF442 Chique 30770M
WF443 Luxent 30856M
WF444 Tumalo Pine 30766UM
WF445 Sahalie Pine 30768UM
WF446 Charred Oak 30765UM
WF447 Toasted Oak 30764UM
WF448 Seared Oak 30767UM
WF449 Sarek Ash 30771M
 WF450 Bergen Ash 30773M
WF451 Narvik Ash 30857M
WF452 Karuna Ash 30772M

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