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    18 new Doellken Edgebanding matches for the Uniboard 2018 new designs

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Uniboard 2018 New Designs

New Designs. Endless Opportunities.

Eighteen new Doellken Edgebanding matches have been created for the Uniboard 2018 New Designs.

These new designs are stocked in one of the following 0.02 mm x 15/16″ or 0.018 mm x 15/16″,  and 1 mm x 15/16″.

K38 Riverside 30797YM
K39 Nebula 30842AAM
K40 Fjord 30804M
K41 Lago 30803M
K42 Sway 30796
K43 Summit White  30798
K44 Titan Grey 30799
K45 Wave Blue 20352
K46 Kali  30802EVM
K47 Asha 30801EVM
K48 Whisky 30800EVM
K49 Solstice 30795
* K60 Chiffon 30843YM
*K61 Silk 30844YM
*K62 Feather White  30845YM
K63 Pietra  30846YM
K64  Ombre 30847YM
*K65 Americana  30848YM

*Final 4 Edgebanding matches being completed in January 2019.

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