Doellken Smart Solutions

Are you currently using cleaning, release and anti-static solutions?  Did you know that by switching to Doellken Smart Solutions you can SAVE MONEY?

Doellken Smart Solutions are North American made products – which is a key factor in keeping costs down and passing the savings onto you!

Doellken’s line of Release Agents, Cleaning Agents and Antistatic-Tooling Coolant for Edgebanders and Edgebanding.

Product Line:

SS011 Release Agent (clear)

SS012 Cleaning Agent (pink)

SS013 Antistatic-Tooling Coolant (blue)

SS014 Release Agent (green)

SS015 Final Assembly Cleaner (clear)

Click on the Tabs below to learn about each solution:

Edgebanding Finder

Looking for the perfect Edgebanding?

Make sure you use the Edgeband Finder. You can specify size, type, material, board manufacturer, embossing and gloss level to find that perfectly matched Edgebanding!

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