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Edgebanding Products and Solutions

PVC Edgebanding

Doellken Edgebanding in Kitchen

PVC Edgebanding is the finest, most consistent product available on the market today. Our edgebanding is used in residential, office, retail, medical and kitchen furniture.

ABS GreenLine

Doellken Embossed Woodgrain Edegbanding

Doellken has anticipated the trends of environmentally sustainable edgebanding and has developed ABS Edgebanding products.

New Laminate Programs

Doellken Edgebanding Sample Strips

Our New Laminate Programs include perfectly matched Edgebanding to all major board manufacturers: Tafisa VIVA Collection.


Doellken FusionEdge

FusionEdge is a new generation of Edgebanding. Furniture manufacturers are able to visibly eliminate the glue line and offer exceptional bonding quality at the same time.


Doellken High Gloss Sample Chain

GlossLine™ is a clever alternative to genuine glass. It has the visual advantage of glass, but not its disadvantages in terms of processing, transportation and use.


Doellken DigitalEdge

Unleash your creativity with  DigitalEdge! With virtually endless possibilities, colors, and designs, your dreams become a reality with digitally printed Edgebanding.

3D Edgebanding

Doellken 3D 2-in-1 Edgebanding

Doellken 3D Edgebanding Solutions are a step forward in modern design. Award winning and innovative, 3D Edgebanding technology allows for limitless possibilities.


Doellken SpecLine

The Doellken SpecLine™ program offers a proven palette of fifty-two colors, woodgrains and designer patterns commonly used in the woodworking industry.


Doellken Embossed Edgebanding

Edgebanding embossing provides heights and depths to create a visually fascinating interplay of light and shadow. 3D embossing is possible on both the front and the back of the Edgebanding.



Doellken Aqua Stop Pen

Damage due to the presence of moisture can now be avoided with the use of the unique water-resistant AQUA Stop Pen.

DORUS Adhesives

Dorus Logo

DORUS Technomelt adhesives provide reliable adhesive solutions for all your woodworking applications.

Customer Case Studies

Quiznos uses 3D 007F Brushed Aluminum on their table tops.

Especially in high traffic areas like Quiznos restaurants, Doellken 3D Edgebanding in 2mm is superbly suited to meet the highest durability standards.

Quiznos RestaurantsDoellken 3D Edgebanding

Tim Hortons uses 3D 002F Polished Chrome in their downtown restaurants.

Especially in high traffic areas that are prone to high impact, Doellken 3D Edgebanding in 2mm is suited to be long-lasting and resistant to impact. The urban-looking metallic design fits perfectly into the downtown environment.

Tim HortonsDoellken 3D Edgebanding

Sears uses 4803 Gowanda Maple across 500 store locations across the USA.

A nationwide renovation project requires a reliable supplier of quality edgebanding. Retail stores require high-quality, durable edgebanding solutions due to high traffic and impact.

SearsPVC Edgebanding

Kohl’s uses 3179 Lakestreet Oak in their retail locations.

Kohl’s ulitilized a 3mm Woodcore pattern showing a natural looking woodgrain effect throughout the thickness of the material eliminating the ‘picture frame’ effect.

Kohl’s StoresWoodcore

Bed, Bath and Beyond uses 7515 White edgebanding in their retail locations.

3mm thick Edgebanding was applied on all visible parts like shelvings, table tops and free-standing displays to provide a clean look with the highest durability.

Bed, Bath and BeyondDoellkenFlex

Krispy Kreme restaurants use 2001 White and 9155 Hunter Grey for their restaurant furniture.

Under the consideration of Krispy Kreme corporate colors, Doellken delivered 2mm and 3mm thick Edgebanding applied on all visible parts in a color consistent product quality.

Krispy KremeThick PVC Edgebanding

JC Penney uses 4469 Kensington Maple in their retail locations.

JC Penney found perfectly matched edgebanding to their Wilsonart 10776 board.

JC PenneyWilsonart Matched Edgebanding

Burlington Coat Factory retail locations use 4397 Pearwood, 7309 Sage, and 6754 Blueberry Matrix

The specified 2mm Edgebanding in Pearwood matches perfectly the laminate and significantly protects the edges of the fixtures in high traffic areas.

Burlington Coat FactoryMatched to board manufcaturer