The Quick And Easy Way To Find Your Edgebanding Solution

The Edgebanding Finder is a search engine that cross references the perfect Edgebanding solution to major high-pressure laminate, thermofused melamine and thermofoil door manufacturers as well as product availability from stock. Please click on the underlined Doellken design number to receive all stock sizes including embossing and gloss levels for this particular design. Please request a sample for color, texture and gloss verification.

  • Edgebanding => Laminate: Find all the laminates matching a Doellken design.
  • Laminate => Edgebanding: Find Doellken Edgebanding to match all popular laminates. Search for a Doellken match to a high-pressure laminate (HPL), thermosfused melamine (TFM) or thermofoiled door design. Searches can be done by using "*" or "%", if the entire name or number is not available (e.g. 24% for 2416, 2454, etc. or *Maple* for Fusion Maple, Hardrock Maple, etc.)
  • PVC/ABS Stock Availability: Find the availability from inventory of any Doellken design.
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